Black, blue, yellow 50cmx50cmx2cm Filtration Foam Aquarium Fish Tank Biochemical Filter Sponge Pad Skimmer Sponge Supply Tank

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Type: fish


Sponge Size: 50cmx50cmx2cm,45cmx45cmx3cm

Origin: USA

Hole: Medium Hole (about 40PPI)

Color: Black, blue, yellow

Brand Name: ZHIYANG


Medium Hole 50cmx50cmx2cm, 45cmx45cmx3cm Yellow Blue Black Aquarium Filter Fish Tank Air Pump Skimmer Biochemical Sponge Filter Aquarium Bio Filter Filtro Aquario




Biochemical sponge filter provides biological filtration to the aquarium, helps to stable water quality.


Increase the oxygen solubility.

Working noiselessly, very durable, can be used for years.

Good permeability, easy to clean.

Perfect filters accessories for your tank and aquarium.

The foam can be cut and is suitable for all kinds of fish tanks.



Product name: Aquarium Sponge Filter

Color: Black (Show as picture)

Sponge Size: 50cmx50cmx2cm,45x45x3cm


Hole size: medium hole (35-30PPI)

Color: Black, Yellow, Blue for your choice


For smaller aquarium filter, please click here:  Aquarium Filter

For single head filter, please click here: Single Head Aquarium Filter


1. Soak the sponge in the aquarium water for 5 minutes before use, by doing this will help nitrifying bateria colonise easier.

2. Always use aquarium water under room temperature to rinse clean the sponge, never use hot water.
3. It must be used through connecting the air pump.


1pcs Aquarium Biochemical Sponge Filter

Color: Black
Size: 50x50x2cm

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