Paul Rubens 24/48 Colors Water Color Paints Set Professional Solid Watercolor Pigment with Portable Palette and Metal Case

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Type: Watercolor Paint Set


Type: Water Color Paints

Painting Medium: Paper

Packing Material: Paper

Packing: Pin Tin Box

Packaging: Set

Origin: USA

Model Number: Arrtx-0020

Color quantity: 12/24/48

Brand Name: arrtx



Professional Grade Watercolor, 24/48 Colors Paul Rubens Artist Watercolour Solid Cakes Made with Gum Arabic,OX Gall High Lightfastness and Transparency

1. Paul Rubens Watercolour adopt ultra-pure pigment which has been delicately ground that makes not easy get grey or produce scrap, you can see there is just micro differences when it's wet or dry.

2. It's good transparency and tinting strength plus excellent lightfastness makes good working properties, top-quality water colour makes your masterpieces stay vivid through ages.

3. These are professional Extra Fine gum arabic based watercolors with unsurpassed purity and permanence, every batch made is tested and analyzed for its performance qualities: bright colors, good transparency, high saturation, smooth drawing. Once you have try it, you wouldnever want to say goodbye.

4. Each watercolour can be removed or replaced individually, so you can arrange your colors in the way you like, italso makes clean the palette easier. Besides, it's an economical design as wealways use some a few pans faster.

5. The lightweight pink metal box is ratherbeautiful, besides very convenient to carry, the metal round buckle behind thebox makes it stay secure in your hand. It even contains a mixing palette inside the lid which can be washed easily. After you used it, just need to let itnaturally dry, then you can throw it in your bag and never make a mess, so i believe there is no doubt it’s the best friend to add some colour to your travels.

What are the advantages of your Paul Rubens Watercolour?

Mixing colors is one of the foundations of painting. Paul Rubens adopt gum arabic toprovide professional grade watercolors, every batch made is tested and analyzed for its performance qualities. First and foremost, producing watercolors thatare the best in lightfastness and permanence. Second, offering a selection oftruly unique colors.

PualRubens has exclusively created unique pocket-sized metal box with comfortable,rounded corners, allows you to capture moments of inspiration no matter where you are. Besides the metal round buckle behind the box and the mixing palette contained brings so much convenience when you get out for a traval. Ideal for both professional artists and amateur hobbyist .

According to O8791DIN53387 standard, the BS rating for pigmentlightfastness goes from 8 which is absolutely lightfast to lower numbers which are progressively less so.

Notice: Some pigments may shrink under different climate conditions and therefore look like uneven , which is a normal phenomena and will not affect the quality.


Color: SET 2
Ships From: China

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